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current account for your business
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Increase productivity

Neat Business provides you with all the tools you need to operate your business efficiently.

The Neat Business dashboard gives you full visibility and control, so you can manage your finances anywhere, anytime.

Quick Setup

You can open your neat business account from anywhere you are, online. 

Our award-winning due diligence process is secure and compliant, and the verification process will only take a few days, not months.

Time is money

Tired of spending hours managing your company’s finances?

Simple integrations allow you to automate tedious admin tasks, such as accounting and expense management so that you can focus on your core business.

Dedicated Current Account

Get a dedicated Hong Kong bank account number to receive payments from your customers and disbursements from e-commerce platforms  (we support  Stripe, PayPal, Amazon and more).
Setting up a Neat Business Account was a breath of fresh air compared to most financial business processes in Hong Kong. We signed up primarily to obtain access to a business credit card in Hong Kong, which is very hard for small businesses to obtain. Now we have a prepaid card that allows us to pay all our online software service bills quickly and easily with no hassle.

pay invoices and employees

Neat Business provides an easy solution to pay invoices and employees. Send your money to bank accounts in Hong Kong and around the world, directly from your business dashboard.


Everything can be done online with no trips to a bank branch, ever. Open an account from anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes. Read more about the signup process here.
Neat enabled us to easily get business debit cards. We have moved a lot of our payment providers to pay directly into our Neat HK business account, which lowers our administrative burden and costs significantly. To top it all off, their apps are fantastic and their customer service is simply outstanding.

Expense cards

Assign expense cards to your employees or expense centre.
Enable your team members to make purchases worldwide, online & offline as well as withdraw cash at ATMs. All of this at the best exchange rates with the Neat MasterCard.
Transaction data is available in real-time. You can allocate custom amounts, manage limits and restrictions for each card or department.

No more lost receipts

Every transaction is automatically recorded in your neat business account.
Your team members can effortlessly add pictures of receipts, notes and tags while on the go from the neat business app.
Say goodbye to tedious expense reconciliations with paper receipts.

Powerful reporting (coming soon)

Stay in control of your company's spending.
Create powerful reports to get insights into your spending per department, user or custom category.

Automated accounting (coming soon)

Spend time on growing your business, instead of tedious administrative tasks. The Neat Business account allows for a seamless integration with major popular accounting platforms.
"Neat has allowed SuperCharger to more effectively manage our corporate expenses across a team of 10+ traveling globally. It's also the best solution for our incoming international staff, as we can set them up with an account within 1 day and pay salary automatically. All of this with a simple online platform."
Janos Barberis, SuperCharger
"I love how fast and simple it is to open and manage a business account with Neat. I cannot imagine getting back to the old way of banking."
Jude Cale, Jimi
"Our Neat Business account has been essential for our small but international company.  The Neat MasterCard with PayWave worked perfectly during a recent five-country business trip, with excellent exchange rates plus ATM cash access that saved me in an emergency.  Instant online top-ups from our dedicated Hong Kong current account gives us immediate access to the funds we need, with the security of limiting how much is on each card at any given time"
John Spiro, Ascent Digital
When it comes to the Neat card, all your card transactions are processed by the MasterCard® network and are protected by MasterCard® rules and standards. The Neat Card® is issued by ePaylinks Technology Co (“ePaylinks”), a licensed MasterCard® prepaid card issuer in Hong Kong. ePaylinks holds Stored Value Facility “SVF” license SVF0011 issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”).
The number one question we get asked is: “Is my money safe?“. And yes, it’s safe. It’s in a segregated bank account at ICBC (Asia), the Hong Kong subsidiary of ICBC, the largest bank in the world by assets. As per HKMA’s SVF license requirements, all customer funds have to be held in a segregated bank account.

You’re in safe hands

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